Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone, I don’t do much writing on this blog, but I feel should at least post sometimes, so I figure I’d check-in now. 2N turned 2 years old in December and also just hit its 22,000 follower the other day! Woo!

I hope everyone is enjoying the music. While the blog may have gotten a lot bigger than it was 2 years ago, I still stand by philosophy of 2N simply being songs that I love. By not posting every day, or trying to post everything that comes out, I really hope you find the time to give each track a chance because I think they’re all worth it!

I’d love to take submission posts from you all, but I probably won’t because frankly I get too many PR emails already without even asking for them yet. Of course, you can always leave me a shout-out with a Fan Mail or Email if you want to be friends and share what you’re listening to or just say hello! But realize that I’d rather get recommendations of tracks loved, not tracks made.

I look forward to another year of posting! Thanks again to you all for listening, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy posting. I’ll be reverting back to my normally quiet state here on 2N, but please follow my personal Tumblr! It’s not reblogs, but stuff actually from me, so I hope you check it out and see what I’m up to!


Cody Sherman

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January 31, 2012

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